Elphi is an early-stage start-up that is taking on the mortgage processing industry head-on. They are building software that aims to simply the loan application process for fix and flip borrowers and lenders. 

Current platform is difficult to use, typically causing users to abandon the application process. The new design will need to address the arduous process and streamline the overall experience.


Product Designer
Research, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual design & Testing

Team of 3
Duration - 4 weeks

The Problem

After diving through the old application process, it was clear that Elphi needed a more efficient form to increase their users’ conversion and retention rates.

Only 35%

of users finish their application process.

Business Goal: Increase customer conversion and retention rate.

The Strategy

1. An Improved Information Architecture
The primary solution is to optimize the information architecture for optimal efficiency to remove unnecessary clutter. This allows the users to progress through the application easier.

2. Progressive Disclosure
To solve a problem with complexity, it is important to eliminate unnecessary redundancies and to shorten the overall process and decrease the user's cognitive load. This helps users to stay focused on the primary questions without unnecessary distractions.

3. Ease-in Process
To increase or maintain retention rate, it was beneficial to not overwhelm the users early on. Having an ease in process offers the users the chance to get in touch with a loan officer before having to provide their private information.

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The Solution

The solution addresses the key pain points such as page clutter, information redundancy, and privacy. We have also included additional features that further increase the platform's overall usability.

See the Prototype